What our clients are saying

“Dean, Gina & I have recently signed up with Telegate & we just wanted to pass some feedback to you about the service we received from David Gamosh. It is not often that I go out of my way to make a comment about service but I feel it necessary with David’s effort in on-boarding the TAF Capital account. We fired questions at him relentlessly about Telegate’s capabilities & he responded in a timely manner every time. David’s response time, product knowledge & manner was far superior to anyone in the industry. All in all, David’s efforts should be commended.”

Michael PrendivilleTAF Capital

"The Telegate service by far is SO MUCH better than Telstra and other Telcos. They are worlds apart. Telegate get things done with no waiting and have been a great help in setting up the solution. The product is good, the service is fantastic...I am already recommending them to my colleagues."

JiskarMendis Hanna and Associates February 2013

“The team at Telegate have been fantastic. We are very satisfied with the phone system and the level of service and communication we received during the sales and installation process was way above expectation. Much more than I would expect from a Telco. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.”

Cameron McLarenMcLaren Engineering March 2013

“The product is great, the service and support is better than any other Telco I have dealt with. We would recommend them to anyone”

Travel Agency Call Centre

“The support staffs response is instant. We like the fact that Telegate know what they are doing and REALLY are experts in their field”

Stephanie HunterSpecial Projects Manager

Telegate’s Hosted PABX system uses VoIP technology which we will help you set up and manage

We know you're uncertain

Changing phone systems can be a nightmare for businesses of all sizes so our focus is on making it as pain-free as possible. We will walk you through every step and go the extra mile throughout the process.

We will work with you

Unlike a traditional telco we are fast moving, responsive and can work with you in any way you want. Whether you have a big IT team or no IT team at all we will tailor the setup and ongoing management of our systems to best suit your situation.

We deliver a great service

Whilst we have a strong focus on customer service we also don't skimp on our service offering. We ensure that every phone system we deliver is the highest quality with perfect call clarity and is flexible to handle the needs of a growing business.

Our focus is offering an outstanding service but we know price is also a factor... the good news - 9 times out of 10 we can also save you money.

With us you have nothing to worry about.

We have the highest level of support in the industry

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Get ‘Five Nines’ reliability

If you’re wondering about the reliability of a hosted PABX system, you have nothing to worry about.

Reliability is critical for anyone relying on their phone system - and we won’t let you down, with what we call ‘Five Nines’ reliability, this means:

The term ‘Five Nines’ comes from our tested and tracked 99.999% uptime statistics - this is the kind of reliability our clients have come to expect from us.

Find out how our phone systems can change your business.

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